The website

This is my personal website which is an extension of my blog.

The main focus of the website is my blog where I try to share when ever I can. This website is not about putting across my views and satisfying my ego. I only hope that the information I share might be useful for someone.

Under the Hood

I had used the little features of blogger to create static pages and make this blog look like a website. Hence I had done away with managing and hosting a website.

As you can see it required a lot of customizations in css and some hacks in the Bloggers markup. I wanted to keep the website minimal and to be easy on the eyes, hence the choice of colors and layout.

This is an ideal example of finding simple solution to a larger problem. A personal website with no business logic need not be a extensively developed and self hosted, but the solution could be found in a simpler alternative of using the available blogging services.

Hello and Namaskaram!

I am a displaced Indian living in Nashville, TN working as an IT project lead.

I had a pretty eventful childhood, spent in then the cozy city Hyderabad in southern India. Loving family, weekend’s fun, amazing home food, movies and travel was what my childhood was all about.

Earned my bachelors degree from the prestigious Osmania University in the year 2003. Never realized how quickly my schooling days went by.

I always had high hopes of pursuing my masters in the United States, which were shattered by that visa officer who decided to go without stamping my student visa then. Next, I ventured out into the field of IT, having hired by the Infosys Technologies Ltd. This was where I was transformed into a professional from a college boy.

My love for computers dates back to late 1980's when I along with my brother used to play games in my dad's office over the weekends. Since then gaming changed to coding and playing became working, but the love still remains.

Life goes on…