Creating your own personal website for $10 a year

After some thought on what should be my first post on my new blog, I thought why not write on how I ended up at Blogger creating my own website.

Being an enthusiastic web developer, I initially thought I would develop my own website with all the bells and whistles and host it.
This meant $10/yr on domain name and ~$60/yr on hosting fees.

Upon some thought I realized the most I would like to have is a maximum of 4-5 simple pages and a blog which I should be able to achieve through blogs like WordPress or Blogger.

While wordpress is highly customizable and an awesome blog, it had its own set of limitations. To start with they charge $15 for registering the domain and $15 for customizing the css. While blogger allowed fully customizable content without any restrictions and the domain registration was only $10.

WordPress : $30/yr
Blogger : $10/yr

If you are able to spend some time and customize carefully, you should be able to do everything you envision for your personal website using Blogger .

As you can see I have made my site simple and elegant, but Blogger can be customized extensively and your creativity is the limit; you should be able to practically make any layout you would want. I will try to explain in detail on how you can create a website like mine from scratch.


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