Charts in ASP.NET

Recently I was working on a project to show metrics in graphical format in a web application. After exploring the possibilities of using all flashy technologies like silverlight etc we finally went for using the Microsoft Chart Controls.

We hear about technologies and solutions all the time and read them in books and articles, but we only realize the ease and power when we work on them. I am sure everyone working in .net would come across a situation where the user wants his data in graphical format. I must say, this is THE solution for anyone trying to provide charts to your users in ASP.NET.

Apart from being flexible, the best part I liked was the complete detailed examples which they provide in a single solution which makes it so much easier even for those using it for the first time.

It requires little or no learning for existing .net developers as they are just extension controls. The development is a breeze with the complete knockoff examples they provide.


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